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Family Law

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Family Law

When you are facing a difficult family situation, you need the best attorneys in your corner. The Law Offices of David M. Stepanich will support you throughout the process and protect what’s most important to you. Meet with our team to develop an effective game plan and move forward confidently.

  • Divorce Law – Divorce can be one of the most difficult events you will experience. There are decisions you need to make for yourself and your children. We will support you to become educated about this process, so you can make the right decisions. You may have heard all sorts of wrong information about divorce, custody, property division and spousal maintenance. David M. Stepanich will listen to you and help you make the best decisions based on your personal needs throughout Lake County including Libertyville, Gurnee, Lake Bluff or Lake Forrest as your personal Family or Divorce Attorney.
  • Child Custody – Child Custody is the most emotional and stressful aspect of Illinois family law. Understanding the laws and knowing how the court determines custody will help you throughout the custody process. The Law Offices of David M. Stepanich have handled many custody cases and we have the experience to help you protect your children and get the outcome you want.
  • Divorce Mediation – Contact David M. Stepanich today and schedule a consult where we will explain all the details.  During mediation, you and your spouse meet with an experienced family law mediator to resolve your issues. Mediation is conducted in a relaxed, comfortable office atmosphere with the mediator and the parties.
  • Spousal Maintenance – Spousal maintenance (also known as alimony) is an agreed upon monthly payment from one spouse to another, which is designed to allow for the spouse who earns less income to establish a home and living environment on his/her own.

Whether you are facing a divorce, concerned about child custody or seeking spousal support, the Law Offices of David M. Stepanich has the extensive experience and ability to face even the toughest of legal battles as your Family Law Attorney in Gurnee and throughout the Lake County area.

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